• Multi-Signature Solutions

    By incorporating up to five keys, you can significantly reduce your exposure to digital risks.

  • Personalized Solutions

    Our clients vary by size, industry, portfolio composition, and personal exposure to risk. We take the time to understand and address your biggest vulnerabilities so you can move forward with confidence.

  • Security and Discretion

    Our solutions are all created to help you maximize portfolio security and minimize exposure.

  • Perpetual Adaptations

    Developing a great strategy is just the beginning of your technical and security strategy.  We’ll be here to help you make changes, scale your investments, or completely revisit your goals, as needed.

What’s the process?

Day 1:
We provide a sandbox environment to ensure a complete understanding of the solution. This allows you and your team to become comfortable with your customized solution. After the solution is fully accepted, we move forward with delivery. We ensure the strictest security, privacy, and compliance throughout the process.

Day 2:
We continuously monitor the solution and perform regular health checks across the entire environment with reporting to your compliance team.



Digital asset custody