For individuals making large investments in digital assets, it’s critical that factors such as custody, security, estate planning, and choosing the right digital asset are all carefully considered.  We educate our clients and build custodial solutions that protect their investment today and into the future.




Businesses and organizations face a myriad of challenges that are largely outside of their control.  We start by understanding our clients’ goals and partner with them on developing a digital asset strategy that meets their needs.

How We Help People and Organizations Become Secure Digital Asset Owners

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    We always start here.  Our clients have a firm understanding of the digital asset ecosystem.

  • Security

    Our team performs a full security audit to find and correct any vulnerabilities.

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    Custody solutions are designed for a client’s specific needs and level of risk.

  • Support

    We are here 24/7 to make sure that you always have a partner by your side.

Multi-Signature Custody Solutions

Our most secure and preferred custody solution.  A multi-signature solution takes your wallet off the internet making your digital assets available only with physical keys.  By incorporating up to five keys, you can significantly reduce your exposure to digital risks and ensure your digital assets survive unforeseen events.

Multi-signature solution with 3 keys

We start by learning your personal or organizational goals.

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